Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MAC+ Marine Life = Pure Hysteria but $$$$ for MAC

Spotted! Marine Life & a Unicorn!!! I've been away from writing.  Why?  Because everywhere I look I'm forced to hear, see, or engage in the topic of Back to the Beach.  It is so ridiculous funny to me how people are selling crack their kids to get this blush.  Have they even used the highly overrated coveted Ripe Peach yet?  There's something to the MAC being laced with crack.  I think the genius who comes up with a twelve step program for beauty addicts will retire a very wealthy bloke or lass.  Seriously, all MAC has done is watered down their formula, created a bi monthly release (easy to do as themes are everywhere) and call it limited edition and the hysteria begins.
Every week their are hauls, blogs, swatches, "siting" and even auctions for something MAC released sure to be re released under some cool packaging and voila, people lose their rabid minds.  Of course, there is no other blush with over spray like this on the planet.  None of the many brands have any coral blush with a chalky highlighter.  "But it's pigmented!" Bitch please! Are you telling me it's a good thing the blush is pigmented?  Seriously?  What is the purpose of all the other blushes?  This means you are admitting that MAC doesn't normally sell blushes that are pigmented.  So, since this one is, you'll buy ten of them "just in case."  In case what?  They stop re promoting their shit products?  Now why would they be dumb enough to stop doing what's nothing more than a marketing GENIUS? There's too many suckers who have fallen into the scarcity principle.  I cannot believe people are willing to go so far for a product, knowing the engine is still cooling from doing the same thing for another item last week.  Lemme think...Book of Shadows, grease paints, Lady GaGa for Viva Glam, Spring Forecast, etc. I'm stopping as I found myself in one of those lines.  While I'm trying to eliminate a lot of this stuff, I'm curious as to the innate need for "just one more hit purchase." Come on, you have to admit we are being ridiculous.  Sitting and watching hauls, bitching about people who bought more than two, bidding on them for $68.00+, blogging, swatching, different looks and so on only to know this will start up for Stereo Rose.  Why are we doing this?  If it really means insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, we need to focus on our priorities.  Sure we can't control the oil leak, but aren't there some different ways to spend money?  I know I have enough makeup for every city in the world to have one care package with a full face set included.  So, I guess I'll get my next hit fix right there with you. *wink*

(answer to world peace)


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The Beauty Thesis said...

Thank you, if you want me to talk about anything in particular let me know. Hugs ♥

Stephanie said...

haha, I feel the same way about this mac-crack business. good post!

The Beauty Thesis said...

Now it's Stereo Rose!