Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC Review: Purple vs. MUFE #92

I give up!  I seriously cannot go to the chemist to get cough drops without checking out makeup.  I dunno what to do.  I try every challenge. Project 10 pan, Use it Up, No Buys, Low Buys, I'm done.  I'm going to do step one.  Admit that I am an addict.  Enough Said!
So NYC had this pretty display to the left of the line I was in.  I didn't want to buy from this line, as it doesn't appeal to me, but that bloomin purple.  It's a matte finish, and I am never satisfied with purples.  I always want to find the "next best thing."  Much like people with neutrals, they know there within a few shades of each other, but...
So, for packaging, it's simple, flip top, no mirror and a foam applicator.  A tiny one at that, but we use brushes anyway.  What's odd about these are, they have the light colour (pink) as "highlight" and the dark (purple) as contour.  Well, those of use who are familiar realize that there has to be a lid colour.  Maybe they don't know that highlight is different from lid placement, but if one were to follow the directions, they would look awkward walking around with a highlight and contour which means crease and nothing on the lid.  In addition, the combinations are odd.  For example, I like the pink and purple because I have other colours that can be incorporated.  The other palette was blue and green.  I think if one is going to combine two colors, they may want to think "balance."  Much like the quads with all shimmer shadows. *shrug*

One can NEVER do a post about matte purples without doing the obligatory comparison to Make Up For Ever #92.  They apply the same, I didn't use any base, no flash for the above photo and I don't Photoshop, too hard to learn, so what you see is exactly how it swatched.  They are both similar in texture, it's not smooth as butter, most mattes aren't but the NYC pulls more red and MUFE is more blue. 

Here we are with the same swatches but this is with flash.  The colors are quite true to life, and if I had used a base, I think this is a really good alternative for some of the high end brands out there.  The only downside is the packaging.  You cannot really depot these into most round palettes, and they aren't visually aesthetic, but they work.  If you are good with creating dupes, I'd pair this with blue base and create my own #92.

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