Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Tuesday

Okay...this is more difficult than it looks.  I used a different camera and cannot seem to get it right.  I completely envy those ladies with the SLR cameras and/or friends to take their outfits of the day next to these amazing backgrounds and lovely scenery.  Whereas, there's me with a point and shoot in the loo, hoping no one catches me.  Last thing I need is "She's so obsessed with herself she can't just look at herself in the mirror, she needs to take a picture too!"  Yes, I do work with cows ladies like that.  Hence, my reason for blogging.  No one else to talk to but the stratosphere, so a year on I can laugh at me self and think, "Girl, look how far you have come."

Face of the Day:  Hot Mess!
Foundation: None it's 90
Lips: Chap stick
Eyes: Urban Decay's Baked Palette sans the teal & Fiber wig

Outfit of the Day:  Keeping Cool!
Dress: Marshall's Nicole Miller: $24.99 + tax
Shoes: Ross CL $14.99
Making it through a hot day in the Capital:  Priceless ♥


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