Monday, June 7, 2010

Camera Ready Cosmetics Rave!

Good morning!  Don't you love when you place an order with a company and they seem to take pride in the manner to which they treat their customers?  Shit like that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I had watched an overview of yaby several times online.  The slam dunk was Goss' most recent one.  Why?  He has integrity, his reviews are quite thorough and he's had experience with enough products to give a fair and unbiased opinion.  I used to buy every item a guru raved about.  Now, I'm making gift baskets, donations and basically sending off all of those products since they either didn't work to my expectation, or I've found something better. 
I've ordered from CRC before.  She's been round for a good long time.  She's experienced in the industry, knows the products and if you ask a question, she will respond within a reasonable time.  I also like the fact she is a makeup artist, a female business owner, offers GREAT prices, and the shipping is fucking ridiculous!  I always get my stuff within the time specified.  I placed this on Friday, and it's Monday at half 10 in the morning! 
For those wondering, No! I don't get paid for my reviews. No! I have NEVER received a product to review.  No! I don't write nice things in order to eventually get FREE products. 
I apologize for the shouting but, I feel it's so important to be honest.  I've been blogging here for two years nearly and have not changed.  I curse in my writing, but that's because it's what I think and would not say.  In life, I'm quite classy and refined.  Here is where I feel I can be real as it should be. 
I am not able to swatch since I'm at work and this is my "break."  I am blessed to have a job and don't want to be on the dole any time soon in this economy, but they are forthcoming.  I feel like I won something!
Ordering online has always been hit and miss and lately, my orders have really gone down hill.  I don't know if it's the economy, businesses being forced to do more with less staff, or if it's a sign.  Cherry Culture felt like they smacked me in the face when I got my last package.  The personal niceties were noticeably absent.
This is my happiest purchase.  It's not cheap at $109.99 plus tax for the world of paints palette but I'm expecting the pigmentation to be stellar *fingers and toes crossed* so I won't have to carry so many products from gig to gig.  If not, expect an emo post tomorrow and swatches in the form of slits on my writs *wink*

(she's so gorgeous)

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