Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leave Susan Alone!!!

Hello Cherubs,

Today many of you, like me, heard about the recent rants from the lovely Susan Boyle. It appears celebrity is having its downside and now Susan is taking the piss in tabloids for outbursts due to her rise in publicity.
Are we really going to hold this woman's feet to the fire for having public outbursts? A few months ago we couldn't get enough of Octo mom and scrutinizing her every step, Jon and Kate was our latest and now we want to chastise Ms. Boyle for reaching her breaking point?
Before "Britain's Got Talent" no one heard from this lass from Scotland and the only reason people cared about her was due to her incredible voice. What's more, the fact that an everyday looking fourty eight year old woman could sing like the most beautiful cherub is the politically incorrect reason she shot to fame.
How dare a woman over forty, not a size two who could care less about looking like the woman on the cover of a lad rag, sing as brilliant as she does! She should be dieting to no end, injecting her body with Botox and working on those brows and that mane of hers. Has she not seen Lauren Luke on Youtube? For crying out loud, how dare an average woman have any sort of talent other than working as a low to middle income employee at a dead end job living in obscurity.
Instead of learning our lesson about judging a book by its cover, we now want to exploit the contents of the book for not "handling her overnight success like a lady." For f*cks sake, can you imagine going from being invisible to living in a fishbowl? Having the media follow you every where you go, looking into your past, scrutinizing your style and querying your next door neighbors about your personal business might get old after awhile.
What I find so infuriating is, if the story is true, these people set about to get on her wick in the first place. One can only endure so much provocation. Before we all get on our high horses, we may want to pony up and admit, we would be hard pressed to admit we could handle the stress of celebrity without dropping a few f-bombs. In the words of Chris Crocker, "Leave Susan Alone!"


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