Friday, August 28, 2009

Does your Boss Drive you Insane?

I cannot say how happy I am today is Friday! I really thought I would lose my mind, my job or both.
This week I have been working like a Hebrew slave, seriously, I think I have done more in 72 hours than I have in the last 20 years. I don't mind the physical aspect; I wake up, take the dog out, get ready, go to work, go home, take the dog out, unwind, rinse repeat times three. I haven't eaten properly, I'm living off caffeine and little sleep and I look a hot mess. My colleagues think I'm going through a rough patch because I look so bad and I haven't responded to their e-mails, gone for walks during break time and they have offered me lunch and it sits. Whew!
The good in it, I have lost a bit of weight, and that's always a plus. The bad is, what good is weight loss if you look a mess? The boss is working on the one bit of sanity I have.
Imagine, if you will, having someone reminiscent of Cruela DeVille as a boss. In time you get used to the demands, the callousness, the curt statements, short deadlines, and can begin to read their thoughts about how insignificant, worthless and pathetic a subservient you are.
Just when you have that all sorted, they become friendly. What gives? Why the change? Seriously, I can deal with any personality, people truly are curious to me and studying their behavior is interesting to me. I figure out what motivates them and what p*sses them off and adjust accordingly and all remains good in my world. My co-worker is an example. She is blunt, direct and can be pushy; however, she is driven, focused and would never intentionally hurt someone. She is working to eventually get the position as head of the agency and she's focused. This means, I don't expect small talk, drag my feet with her needs so she can beat deadlines, and keep everything professional and work related. Another co-worker is a bit of a prankster, a tad insecure and needs praise. I let him think he knows more than me, laugh at his silly jokes and listen to him brag about his latest "conquest." Simple.
This week my boss has been extraordinarily mean to me. She has said maybe three sentences to me, and they were to tell me I should now, as ...I should be able to complete projects without her need to oversee, etc.
Today, she decided to play the "mom" role with me. WHAT?! I have been wound up all week ready to my a doll with her name on it and be quite unkind to it, and then she gives me the motherly "talk" about, "I hope you find love, you are such a kind, sweet, girl and as you get older you will...." I agreed and felt like I was supposed to hug her but this is the same woman who looks at my makeup, style and hair and thinks I need to look more "conservative." After all, she only shops at Anne Taylor and for casual attire J. Crew. for you, but I like setting my own style and I don't have trousers for work, I like skirts and dresses and it's not as if I am wearing club clothes or revealing anything. I love retro styles and when I checked the calendar it was 2009 and I think we have advanced as a society beyond perennially preppy.
I don't know friends, I feel dead guilty for not liking her, and wishing she would disappear since she said such warm things to me.
My colleague heard the chat and sent an e-mail giving me the piss about it, but I wrote back, "Is she going through her womanly changes?" Then it hit me, she's a Gemini! That's not a bad thing, it lets me know not to take her mood swings personal, she means no harm, she can't help herself. That was a well learned lesson, this evening calls for a spa/manicure/pampering time. I love learning but not at my own expense.

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