Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Maxie your Moxi


Today I want to write about the style I rocked yesterday and give my view on it. We have all seen the Maxi dress but most women aren't sure how to wear it. I received loads of compliments from women of various ages and styles and it was completely unexpected.
I bought mine for $15.99 USD at Ross and wore it with a short waisted cardigan. I planned to wear open toe mary jane's but due to timing, I wore I two inch sandal which sort of matched the color of the dress.
Maxi dresses are not suited for women who are petite and heavier set. The reason is it will look like a pajama dress rather than a stylish summer dress. If you have very heavy arms, you may want to also think twice because the dress is covers over 90% of your body thus placing emphasis on the remaining area that is visible. If you have very large breasts, tread with caution as it will make you look heavier than you are because your breasts will protrude causing the dress to pull out almost as if you are hiding a baby bump. These dresses can be mistaken for old school maternity dresses and that is why I emphasize the need to be cautious with wearing this style. Similarly, it's counterpart, the Baby Doll dress can look really juvenile if you're petite but brilliant if you have long slim legs.
While the maxi may not be for everyone, I have finally found something that works with my long thin arms without reminding me of a monkey. I know that fashion is fickle, and it comes and goes faster than you can say meow, but I'm really feeling this for the summer. It is inexpensive, requires little to accessorize and can make women appear taller and slimmer if worn properly.

Have a wonderful day!


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