Friday, May 22, 2009

White Tigers

Hello Kittens!

Today I'm writing to encourage you to venture to a web zine I stumbled upon. doedeereblogazine while researching a topic. As a black woman, I admit I was not one of the Angela Davis, "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud" little girls growing up. It's a shame to admit that but that was then, and I reckon it was because all of my Afrocentric features were things I got picked on as a kitten. We all overcome and learn from things in our past, but today I struggle with accepting mainstream society has a love affair with those same features. I won't go into the hair chronicles, but I do question, "Why is it called weaves for blacks and extensions for whites?" I digress.
My hips and bum were too big, my nose was too wide, my skin too dark, and my curves were "fat." When I ran upon the editor of this blog, it reminded me of how beautiful pale skin was to me as a little girl. Today, I see women who don't like being so pale or "transparent" as they are called. Why? It's just as wrong to be disturbed by very fair skin as it was darker skin. It seems that society has to find a way to make people not feel acceptable the way they are. All complexions are beautiful and that's how I feel. The black panther, the white tiger and all the gorgeous varieties in between are beautiful as they are created. Why must we change our skin to be lighter or darker?
I really resent myself but forgive myself for thinking I had to look like Barbie. I applaud all you felines who grew up believing and loving yourself, but it was difficult to love me, when the world around me didn't. I think at the most, even in university, there were three other blacks in my classes. I was always exposed to white communities. It may have been television, movies, magazines, my neighborhood, as well as church, but I was always the one minority girl and it felt horrible.
Now I'm speaking on behalf of my white tigers, the porcelain princesses out there. Love your beauty and accept your coloring. I relate to you in the quest for the "right" foundation and feeling like your complexion needs to be different than what it is.
I read that Dita Von Teese wears foundation lighter than her God given skin tone just to get that porcelain trademark she's famous for. I love seeing the contrast of black and white. I think it's beautiful; however, both have a bond even if it's unspoken.
In short felines, there is no "perfect" look, doll, style, body, or any of that. People are altering their bodies to have something you don't like about yourself. Look at her:

she's got the best of both worlds and I think she's perfect. We really need to start a movement of accepting ourselves and stop looking at our reflection and seeing the airbrushed images of celebrities, fashion models or whomever looking back at us. Raise your paw and say aloud, "I love myself the way I am, this is what makes me unique. I'm not like you, don't you wish you were like me? Too bad, God only made one of me, therefore I must represent on behalf of myself :)"

Keep your paw and head up!


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