Monday, May 18, 2009

Max Factor

So I broke my no buy...the girls at makeupalley told me I would, especially if I logged on to the website. Well, I did, no harm no foul since, I'll be making a MAC purchase this week, details to come.
I had seen adverts for the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor, but Gisele B√ľndchen's look didn't strike me as anything special, but I must admit to being intrigued. Then, I saw Katy Perry and was impressed and decided that since I found it for 50% off at Walgreen's I could justify cutting back a trip to Starbucks for a new lippie. They have a great color range, twenty so far and retail for $9.00 USD. I admit drugstores are moving up to department stores (MAC) when it comes to their pricing, but until MAC has 1/2 off, I can work with this.
The texture is quite comparable to MAC's amplified creme in that it goes on creamy and thicker than a sheer lipstick, and it doesn't drag. It doesn't wear all day, but I find 16 hour wear lippies to be VERY drying. If you're not ready to splurge just yet, I highly recommend visiting their website as I got some inspiration to do different makeup looks. Just click and enjoy!

Meow for now kittens!


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