Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bare Escentuals Oil Control Primer

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Yesterday, after work, I went to Sephora to find something to combat oil for the summer. To be honest, I'm oily year round, so I was on a mission. I told the sales assistant I had tried: Peter Thomas Roth, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Avon, Medi-Matte, Dermalogica and a list of others. I use Milk of Magnesia, but I really don't like the smell. It has started to make me quite miserable.
I have done research, but since I don't have acne, most of the suggestions from my dermatologist are not going to be effective. I have seen Accutane really do an about face for loads of felines, but it will not combat my oily skin.
I thought I would give Bare Escentuals Oil Control Primer a go since I have heard many wonderful things about this line. I did mention I am also one with sensitive skin, so the bismuth doesn't work so no need to try me with the foundations. She tried anyway, and I started to leave as I get the economy and need for sales, but why sell me something I told you doesn't work for me? Then she stated if I used a barrier (another product) it would work fine. So, in order to get one product to work, I need another product from a different line? Seriously.
So, after some negotiation and patience on both of our parts, I got good sample of this. Usually, I will try a product for six weeks to give it a full review, but I am at the point that I can tell in one day, how my skin will take. It's a primer said to absorb oil, it either works or doesn't, six weeks will not make a difference.
Here is the claim:
Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control
What it is:
An oil-free foundation primer for a shine-free complexion.

What it does:
Bare Escentuals Prime Time Oil Control is a water-based primer developed for oily, sensitive, or problem-prone skin to instantly smooth the complexion prior to bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. The oil-, fragrance-, and silicone–free formula is clinically proven to control shine throughout the day, as well as to regulate oil and refine pores with minerals and natural plant extracts. The lightweight primer glides on seamlessly—leaving the skin matte, refreshed, and ready for foundation.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates

So, did it work? No, it did not much to my regret. I really wanted to love this product and say it would be a good product for us oily cats, but it isn't. I am near surrender to my skin and will continue using tissues as blot absorbers until I can figure something out. I cannot stress how important, no matter your skin tone, sunscreen is. No matter how oily, please use sunscreen until you are bathing in it as skin cancer is affecting people in their teens now. I have had good results with MAC's Prep and Prime SPF 50 and Shiseido's SPF 55.

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