Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YouTube Love

Hey Kittens,
I have had a love/unhappy (hate is not healthy)relationship with YouTube and was really, really not feeling some of these "gurus." Now don't get me wrong, anyone with a computer can register and become a guru and their is a skill level and market for every look but I get turned off when gurus forget that they once had half a dozen subscribers, seem to post videos for other gurus or the makeup art gets lost in whatever drama that seems to find it's way into the "community." There are a couple ladies I have stumbled upon, and their inner beauty is so transparent and they are so genuine, when I finish watching their videos, I feel good, or I am excited they post more. Vegas Diamond28 has been on of those ladies. She is extremely beautiful, she has a husband, two beautiful daughters, and whilst she is not catered to one look, style or approach, her channel will leave you feeling good about yourself. I am really happy for her happiness in life, and she reminds me that good things happen when you put good energy and love into the world. She's a real blessing and I hope you will check her out!

Stay Beautiful!


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