Thursday, May 21, 2009

Product Review: Moroccan Oil

Hey Felines and Tomcats,

If you are anything like moi, you have been reading so much about Moroccan oil. It's all over hair forums, beauty blogs, YouTube, etc. You may actually think this the answer to world peace at some point. I first heard of this product watching a Queen of Blending tutorial. Her hair is amazingly long, beautiful and healthy. I'm not daft, her hair grade and mine are completely different. My hair is more coiled and wiry, so I don't expect the same results she did. If you go to Beauty Choice it's out of stock usually because so many "gurus" are promoting their products, their videos are on their website. But, you might try cosmetic magic and get 3.4 oz bottle for $27.99.
This product claims it has the "unique" quality of instant absorption into the hair which creates a beautiful sheen sans oily residue. The reason this is so expensive is for it's properties, mainly the Argan oil. Argan oil comes from the kernels of Argan tree fruit which is only grown in a few regions, the main being Morocco. So much like a rare diamond is to gemstones, this is to hair oils. The Argan is good for every external agent on your body if you research.
Unfortunately, if you read the ingredients, you will find the truth. The first ingredient is water...yes, water in the oil. I digress. The next three ingredients are various forms of silicone and silicone agents. The next is fragrance. After the fragrance...drum roll...Argan oil followed by a few extracts. So, if you don't believe me, do as I always say when you are purchasing a product. Research!! You can get Argan oil for a lot cheaper than this, and what is the difference?
Glad you asked. I had Moroccan oil on half of my head and Jojoba on the other. I did not notice anything different in terms of health and appearance in my hair. The textures where different but I have 100% unrefined jojoba and the Moroccan oil has other agents.
Bottom line, unless you have money burning a hole in your hand, pass on this. For some reason, I think you already new this before reading, but now you can say Black Panther wasted her money so I don't have to. Then, if you're a skeptic, you can Google this product, look at the ingredients, scratch them down and research those, and tell me what you think.

Thanks for being you, God made you that way!


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