Friday, May 29, 2009

Are you Gifted?

Hello Kittens,

I came up with this topic yesterday sitting in traffic on my way home from work. Lately, I'm really not feeling my job. For the past year, I have been counting my blessings thanking God I have a job to go to. This past week, not so much.
All my life, I have been one of those people who people feel telling their innermost secrets to. I am flattered yet curious at the same time about this. I find it really interesting many people have no problem opening up to me, inspite of me not being one to share my innermost with.
Well, in addition to being a good listener, for a long time I have been sensitive toward other people. That's not accurate. Here's an example. The other day, I had a feeling my co-worker was not happy even though she took a promotion. For some reason, I had a feeling she was going to quit. I mentioned this to another co-worker who told me I was wrong because the person in question had been wanting the promotion for a year. I never mentioned it again, but I still had this strange feeling our soon to be boss, was soon to be gone.
The next morning whilst touring our new location, the person in question notified us she was taking another position somewhere else. The rest of the staff was shocked, open mouthed and firing question after question. I didn't say anything. I felt sick about it. Naturally, my co-worker accused me of having information and holding out. I had no information other than a feeling.
This happens to me a lot. I will hear the phone ring and sense bad news. I can tell when people are happy, sad, depressed etc. What's more, their energy will tranfer to me. I'm not clairvoyant, don't follow witchcraft nor do I have any crystal balls.
In fact, I thought everyone had a sixth sense or had "hunches" but never spoke about them.
Now, I am known for this and though it's quite funny, it's very sad. People think it's a cool trick to say, "So and so is going to do x, y and z and it happens." On the other hand, having a hollow feeling in your stomach at night and not being able to sleep worrying about a friend only to call them and find out they just lost their job, had a row with their man, or is depressed gets really old.
While I go back and celebrate my colleagues departure, think about what "gifts" you have you may not know about. Are you good at guessing peoples age? Have you consistently won playing the lottery? Think about things you do other people think is "luck" and delve further. Are you lucky? Or are you simply gifted?

Have a great weekend!


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