Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brow Envy


Lately I've been hearing alot of talk about eyebrows. To wax, pluck, or thread? Are fuller brows "in" this season? Do eyebrows really matter if your face is fierce?
I am one who has not been blessed with a high arch, and they grow like the following:

Unfortunately, I don't have a natural arch and while they are not thin, they grow sparse in certain areas. I have to "trick" my eyebrows to create an arch. It could be my hypersensitivity about my brows that has me longing for the "perfect" brow, or it could be that I am more aware of the importance of eyebrows now that I am in makeup arenas all day.
Truth be told, you have to feel comfortable to rock any look. If you have the most beautiful shaped brows with a natural arch but you don't feel sexy, you won't look sexy. I see it all the time, women with really beautiful features unaware of their God given beauty.
If you are just starting with shaping your eyebrows, I HIGHLY recommend going to a salon or esthetician first. In many stores (ULTA, Macy's, etc.)there are brow bars where you can get them shaped for free. In my location, the makeup artists at Benefit will shape your brows for free!
The downside of brow control is maintenance. If you're a hairy beast like me, your brows grow as you tweeze them. Morning and night, after cleansing my face I pluck the strays.
I will create a post solely on how to arch and maintain eyebrows, and what supplies I recommend. I have an arsenal and they have been keeping my eyebrows groomed and in place without melting down my face by noon.

Ciao gorgeous!


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