Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Favorite Shampoo and Why

Happy Wednesday,

Don't you love to learn about products before you decide to buy them? I have spent far too much than I wish to admit on hair products in this long journey to hair health and length.
I don't want my hair just to be long, I want my mane to be healthy. What good is long hair if the ends are sparse, ragged and unhealthy looking? When I say healthy I must define that in my terms. The hair closest to my scalp should be the same density as my ends. If my hair is thick at the roots and frayed on the ends, I need a cut because there is obviously some breakage. I want my hair to shed a reasonable amount otherwise I have to look at what is going on with my body and health physiologically. Caffeine, stress, medications, can all contribute to hair loss, scalp massage and a balanced diet with supplements when necessary is essential to hair health. Products can make or break one's hair literally. For me, the beginning of my regimen begins with a good shampoo. I have used shampoo for kids, blondes, chemically treated, thinning, and horses by more lines than I can count. At one time Creme of Nature was the only shampoo I would use. I had beauticians and friends get me to buy every "new and improved" product and things you would swear was made from acient egyptians during rare eclipses, as well as products used by Native American and/or women from Sri Lanka and other countries known for long, silky hair and none of them worked.
I bought Keracare's shampoo for dry, itchy scalp a few months ago and was impressed, but of course the more browsing I did on other forums, I was lured into other brands and wound up with sub par results.
What I like about this shampoo is that when I'm in the shower, I can feel it tingling and the cooling sensation is euphoric if you have the itchies as I refer to them. My scalp constantly itches to the point of embarassment. I also have dry hair, so I can't wash it everyday but I want my scalp to feel clean. I have tried co washing, but it's like I'm adding product on top of my hair for the sake of conditioning my hair. For me, I need to have a clean scalp and the occasional clarifying of my hair for any conditioner to work effectively. As a result, I am limited to weekly intensive regimens.
When I use this shampoo, I am able to comb it through to the ends. Yes, you are supposed to start with the ends, but this shampoo gave me what I expected UAN's to do, which was melt through the tangles. Unfortunately, it's quite costly but I have decided I will spend the money to have a small set of items that truly work for my hair than to nickle and dime myself until I find things that work with my hair. It makes sense, and I wish I had come to this conclusion years ago while I was buying things from health food stores, pet stores and every beauty supply store in the heart of the ghetto and wasting money down the drain.

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