Monday, November 16, 2009

Beauty on A Budget

It feels so good to be back on track with my little blog.  I never knew how good it felt to get things from one's head  to the cosmos.  I don't know why I didn't keep up with this when I first started a year back.  I noticed when I do keep up with posting, I become more creative.  This particular outfit was inspired by my a video I had watched from Juicy Tuesday.  I  don't know why I keep getting sucked in to YouTube.  I have a love/hate/love/hate relationship.  It's a huge way to waste my time.  I learn some tricks, but I think it's me just being nosey.  Regardless, I seem to feel something whenever I watch them albeit anger at myself, the "guru", or the comments.  At times just the idea of watching people so absorbed with themselves leaves me feeling filthy.  I mean, I'm watching someone get ready to go out, I swear I'm not a peeping Tom.  Maybe a Billy NoMates, but I am blown away by how much time and effort it takes to make videos.  Shane Dawson is really epic.  I am guaranteed to get the laugh when his character Shanaynay makes an appearance.  I digress.  I was watching Juicy Tuesday and she had mentioned people had slagged her weight for posting her outfit of the days.  I love those tutorials the best!  I think I've sorted out how to (insert icon, celebrity, cat eye, smokey eye, red lips, flawless face) looks for several lifetimes.  But, my wardrobe could use a bit of help and I am not short on clothes, but short on ideas, so these how to nails, hair, shoes, purse, videos are really the business for me.  Teresa *aka Juicy Tuesday* has a womanly figure.  She has that hourglass and whilst I'm no where near as lovely or gifted, I quite like having curves and seeing other women who have arses as well. 
I got this skirt from F21 for $14.80 USD!  It was on clearance and I initially thought it was a blouse.  I liked the corset in the front and thought it would look great with a pair of jeans to go to a sporting event that has still yet to happen :/  Well, I was looking for something one day and this was in a pile with the tag on it so, I was curious to see if it would fit or go with the "recycle" stack.  I noticed the tag read skirt and got quite nervous.  I know my hips have grown, but ah well...I put it on with the corset design in the front and it had a tag (medium) so, I turned it and fell in love.  Sort of...the corset is the cutest detailing; however, it does scream "look at me" in the lower region.  The place where I carry my weight most.  So this was the look

I paired it with my trusty Mary Janes, black opaque ribbed tights, and a shirt I bought at the Crossroads.  It's less than $20, total, but I neglected to accessorize appropriately.  Odds are my jewels are in my coat but I was too lazy to put them on. 

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