Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's Madness

I have always thought of myself to be one of the most patient tolerant people.  I accept everyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, carnivore, vegan, atheist, et al.  I have learnt I don't.  I temper my views and opinions and have chosen to remove any person, place or thing which causes me anything other than positive experience, or a negative but learning experience.  Well...I guess the more I eliminate and detox from the more critical I am.  I don't enjoy this about myself; however, I do feel the need to explain.
I have spent a LARGE part of my time learning new skills, techniques, terminology, styles etc when it comes to all things beauty, fashion and hair.  If there is a forum, I've either joined or perused it at one time or another.  I've always been open to learning.  But, lately I have no tolerance for these social outlets.  I find there to be a lot more b.s. than previously.  If not, I must have been oblivious.  I have gotten to the point where I don't log on to YouTube (which babysat me when I moved to California), most forums unless it's for pictures, sale info. or product reviews, and now I'm not interested in many of blogs.  I don't subscribe to thousands, but I do love to learn from others and think it's a great way to (again) challenge myself and my learning curve. 
I don't know what to do...I don't condone some of the rubbish (hater vs. non hater vs. criticism, gurus who are full of crap, themselves or both and the racist, homphobic, and ignorant comments many gurus deal with.  Seriously, I read Pixiwoo's disclaimer re: black skin and thought, "Can we not say black, white, anymore?"  Not that I have an account, but it's not fun anymore.  Not to mention the shilling, competitiveness and backbiting gurus do to each other.
I ran to forums and most topics were slagging and dissing other peoples style, makeup, technique, shape, etc. and it all got too much for me.  I guess the internet is something I may have to rethink.  I'm truly blessed to have learnt so much from people I have never met in my life who spend a lot of their time doing things to my benefit, but seriously calling a man a "f*gg*t" for educating people on makeup application, telling a black woman she's an "ugly n*gg*er" or a forum post just to gossip about someone else who we don't know seems so pointless.
Speaking of pointless, so was this post, but I need to vent every now and again.  I cannot change the world, but I can acknowledge things I wish to change.


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