Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No more Bad Hair Days!

There is no one method for taming one's mane. What I have learned is that you have to really, I mean really know your hair. You have to know your hair like you know your skin.
Hair is made up of proteins (keratin) and it needs protein in conjunction with moisture in order to keep a balance of strength and elasticity. For me, I don't think my hair can ever have too much protein, but I know it doesn't get enough moisture. Unfortunately, I color the heck out of my hair. I don't do all the other rubbish, like heat, back combing etc, but when people ask me how I keep my hair looking so healthy or shiny, I have
to confess that if it were in it's natural color, it would look like a tumble weed. It's so bloomin dry! My niece, poor baby has the same problem. I tell her it's her father, my brother's, fault as her mother has thick, ridiculously long albeit straight hair. I love her mum's hair, but feel my niece's pain. Her hair is disgustingly thick, she has a lot of it, and it's so curly. She likes to wear it pulled back in a pony tail; however, it makes our hair draw up and turns into a "puff" if we don't plait it. It's quite curious since my boss has the same situation and what's more, we resemble each other when we both wear our hair down as we did today.
So, what I recommend is to experiment with your hair's texture and if you don't know what it is, ask! Alternate products and see how your hair responds. Conduct a test with your hair following the same regimen (wash, condition, style) but alternate products by ingredients. For instance, notice the difference in your hair when you use protein (usually reconstructors, or may indicate protein on the bottle), moisture, and so on. Be aware of your hair's growth to shed factor. Sometimes hair tends to grow faster in the summer due to warm climate, how you eat plays a vital role, as does your stress or any medications. Am I saying to change anything? No, I'm merely giving hints on what things may contribute to the dissatisfaction with your hair's current state.
Remember, whether you are natural, relaxed, texlaxed, extensions, color treated, etc. you must take care of your hair. There isn't an alternative other than going bald. You will have good days and bad days, but ultimately, your hair is a reflection of your genes and how you treat it.


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