Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Styles

I don't know why I have b*tch face in this pic, other than a) I'm at work, b) I'm in the loo cam whoring, c) I am hoping no one will walk in, d) bad lighting, bad hair day, or e) all of the above?    If you picked (e) ding! ding! ding! You are RIGHT! I have said I'm not a photographer, I have a new camera and I'm painfully uncomfortable taking photos of myself.  I have never thought I was soooo damn interesting that I should create anything centered around me.  It's not been my personality.  As a makeupartist, the goal was always to make others look and feel there best or create an illusion with colors, textures, props and the like.  I hated looking at myself in the mirror when I was heavy and primping my hair until recently was not fun.  I had to learn so much about me I didn't know what my best features, angles, colors, etc. were but I could do it in a New York minute (fast) for others.  So, now I have found blogging to be an outlet where I can keep a journal all about me, and maybe, share with others, whilst learning from others. Well, I was telling a co-worker she
didn't have to spend a lot of money for new fall clothes.  If one gets creative enough there are loads of options with what you already have.  The above is a summer dress, as you can see it's quite short. :)  I paired it with a blazer, tights and Mary Janes and vo├Čla! 
Blazer:  BeBe from thriftstore $ 8.00
Tights:  George @ Walmart    $ 5.00
Dress:  Ross  $11.00
Shoes:  Steve Madden @ TJ Maxx  $24.99
Always remember to add accessories for that personal touch and for a bit of character!

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