Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday's Frugal Fashion

Of course I know it's Tuesday, but this outfit was a steal and I keeping a blog of your clothing is a great way to reference what you want versus what you need when shopping for essentials.  Remember, trends come and go but style is personal and it should reflect you and not what's "in" or "out."  This little number was found at dd's and it cost $9.99!  What is dd's?  I don't know the history of the store, but imagine you take TJ/TJ Maxx and Marshall's, merge them into one and then take their overstock and that is what dd's resembles. It felt like a thrift store, in that you have to look around and some of the items look like they were on the floor and put back on a hanger and marked down.  That's not a bad thing if you are good at removing stains and the price is reflective.  However, don't buy something you have to tweak too much unless you simply cannot live without it.  Because it's been so cold I paired it with a black blazer (summer dress to winter style) and also had a pea coat from Old Navy with a scarf and a smart pair of shoes also at discount (details to come) and it works to make a proper outfit for work. 
Notice the face :(  I truly don't like Mondays, especially when we have a short work week.  Hope this will inspire others to realize YOU wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you, whatever your shape, budget, or brand, you ultimately put it together to make the total look.  Work it!!!


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