Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nails, Clothes, Shoes Oh My!

I never thought the color red would work for me.  I believe 90% of my clothes are black, and I'm challenging myself to incorporate color.  Color is something that gets you noticed, it says, "I'm here!  Look at me!"  Although the demure black is quite sophisticated, I'm tired of the remarks if I'm honest.  So, here is day one and rather than sport the black camisole with a blazer, I scored a $12.00 long sleeved blouse with french cuffs (my fave for my long arms) at Ross to go with a pencil skirt I got at F21 last season.  I did wear black opaque tights with my Mary Janes (also Ross) because it's cold in the morning when I'm catching the train to work. 

The jacket was a great deal at Buffalo Exchange, it's by BeBe and is a petite so the french cuffs make a good detailing for it. I think it was 1/2 price on $15.00 so for $8.00 it has been a great piece I can wear with jeans or pair with skirts for work!

The last bit are these cool fake nails I bought at Walgreens on sale!

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Rajesh Attri said...

Nice post! Beautiful nailpolishes!!!

french cuffs