Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion

As I try to curb my enthusiasm for the plethora of discounts saturating the beauty industry right now, I'm doing what a lot of beauty junkies do.  I'm shopping my stash.  This means, rather than splurge on the 30% Urban Decay is having, I'm using the products from their line I have but have not used.  Not quite a project 10 pan, but in the direction of rehab per se. 
I put this cream on after my moisturiser and it was like magic.  I didn't know if that's how primers are supposed to work, since I'm so incredibly oily, I keep things quite minimal on my face.  There's nothing worse than oil on top of foundation.  It makes a beautiful canvas look like cake batter with even the best of foundations.  Never mind.  I haven't had to blot as much today, just once at half ten.  It's half noon and I'm good.  Here's information from their website here.  I don't know all the rules about blogging and I know something's going down so I'm not trying to have the FTC looking for my behind for plagiarism. It makes your skin really feel soft.  I kept touching my face and looking at it.  I plucked a few chin hairs, that's how intense I was looking!  The only thing that Urban Decay ever does to upset me is....wait for it...PACKAGING!  Maybe there was directions on the box which I always through out, but I could not figure out how this thing opened.  It's so simple it's painful to admit.  See the silver bullet?  Simply twist it to open and again to close.  I know I didn't pay full price for this, but it retails for $30.00 USD.  I always make purchases during friends and family times since I won't finish this until the next.  Overall this product gets five stars, and I will repurchase (Unless the original English Ideas returns) as well as recommend this to my friends.

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