Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Katie Price (Jordan) on Fire?

I truly may be a fool, but I am so tired of people slagging Jordan, but this group has really got brass ones.  Katie has had a horrible year, in my opinion, and whatever people may think about her she doesn't deserve to be made a fool for other's gain.  An estimate of 10,000 people are going to watch an effigy of her nearly 30 feet tall burn at Edenbridge Bonfire Society tomorrow.  In their defence, this has happened to others, but would you want to be categorized with  people like Saddam Hussein, John McCririck, John Prescott, and Diana, Princess of Wales' former partner, James Hewitt?  Those, all men, are the others who have endured such humility in the name of "publicity" by the organizer Charles Laver.  I think this story is old, but I just got hold of it here and felt really bad about this.  Sometimes people can go to far in the spirit of "well celebrities get a lot of money and they put themselves in the public, etc..." and sure Katie *aka Jordan* isn't an angel, but she doesn't pretend to be.  Whatever, happened in her marriage is her and her former husband Peter Andre's business.  There are children and family members involved.  H*ll, I'm no saint and I'd be pig sick if I saw people cheering an effigy of me in any fashion.  People have gotten to "okay" with bringing other people down or doing things to get ratings, publicity, money, etc. and there has to be a point where people feel they've gone too far.  I truly think she's having a setback from her depression and all this is going to push her over the edge.  I hope there aren't people out there who really think this sort of thing is acceptable.  Then again, if there weren't there would not be Klu Klux Klan members and their followers still in existence?  Sorry for the rant, I will adjust my attitude in time to watch the World Series :)

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