Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Friday Sales Info for 2009

I truly don't like this time of year.  Total pity party.  My bloke's in Iraq, mum is terminal, dad is devastated and I'm just pretending to get by day by day. 
I always wanted to be the girls on the left.  You know, the group of friends you share things with, your ups and downs in life and support each other regardless of what's up in life?  I wanted that well before Sex and the City.  Having a family who traveled so much and no sisters sort of made for Billy No Mates growing up.  Well, I'm going to dedicate this post for those who have friends out there.  Spend time together and support each other as the holidays bring out the good, the bad, the joys and sorrows in life.  We all know Black Friday is a week away.  So, have a plan.  If you don't have one, start getting it sorted.  Here is a list of sales in most major stores such as Target, Walmart, etc.  I found that in search of another camera.  Wear something comfortable.  There's nothing worse than running about with jeans too snug, or feet that hurt.  Bring the right equipment.  If you have to have your: mobile, food, water, camera, etc., be prepared so you don't get on your friends' wick.  This will prevent any heartburn or row from happening.  Decide what to do if you get lost or a time and place to meet up if you plan to go separate ways.  Communicate your plans before you even think about getting in the car.  This brings me to...opt for public transportation or designate someone who will pick you up, meet to get the bags (excess weight) and will drop you off at the next location in order to save your sanity in the car parks.  There will be no parking unless you are camping out the night before.  Also, make sure you close all the zippers, clasps, or anything with an opening on your purse, messenger bag or what have you.  Don't scream, "Steal from me!" and ruin your holiday because someone stole your belongings.  Finally, be safe and have fun!

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