Friday, November 6, 2009

Hard Candy Intensif Eye Review and Swatches FTW!!

Yay, I am still a work in progress in my skills with camera and photography, so if anyone reading this needs better swatches, please leave a comment.  I purchased some of those daylight blue tinged bulbs, and I'm going to get a book on picture taking...On with what matters.  I didn't label them so I will give the names from left to right:  Glimmer (Metallic), Pop (Radiant), Pixie (Radiant),Whimsy (Radiant), Spirited (Metallic), Moody, (Radiant), Star (Radiant), Soiree (Metallic), Love (Radiant), Glimpse (Metallic), and Celestine (Metallic).  To be quite honest, these were not what I expected.  I love eyeshadow bases.  I knew these weren't going to be crease proof, so I wouldn't be disappointed for any sort of creasing which may or may not occur.  That said, the tube reminded me more of a lipstick than an eyeshadow cream.  So, when I opened the tube (see below) I was a bit put off.  I like applying either from a pot or stick, but usually the sticks have a pencil shape so I can get to the tear duct area of my eye.  This bit I can sort, but ...I thought, "It would annoy and take more product to use a brush, but I cannot just swipe it from the tube...or can I?" In addition, there is a very creamy consistency to the finish, therefore, if you have really oily lids, I would not recommend this product unless you don't mind the extra work of layering both under and over this creme. 
They aren't very pigmented, so it takes a few swipes against my complexion (dark) so be advised of that.  Overall, I would not recommend this with the exception that Glimpse is a dupe for Sharksin Shadestick by MAC.  I have high and low end creme eyeshadows, and the Maybelline ones at the Dollar Store are better quality than these for those who are budgeting.  If you love Hard Candy and want to have these in your collection, go for it, but you may not reach for them often.  I do love the variety of colors and the creme vs. shimmer finishes, but in terms of practicality, I'd prefer better packaging.  I will say if you lay these with any of the shadows from the 88 palette, you will love the result, but again, don't expect to go a whole work day without creasing.  I hope this is helpful.  Love yourself and remember you are the most beautiful person you have seen today, and your attidude will surprise you and those around you!


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