Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations Miss Lady!

If I'm honest, things have not been good for me.  Externally, I'm the happiest person at my job.  I love my job, but there are issues that really are beyond my control and the reason I blog, I don't have social skills.  I am too bloomin insecure to believe in me at times.
Well, this isn't my story, it's Miss "Couture Sister's."  I can count my subs on two hands and all of you who read this blog are so special to me.  Why?  Because you give a damn, even if you don't read this or I'm just another blog on the loads of blogrolls you subscribe to, it means a lot. 
I digress, I was browsing my every growing lists of forums I frequent.  I am addicted to those as well, because I learn about people, culture, life, relationships, and so much more.  Today I was bored and visited Specktra if I'm honest, I haven't been there much.  I think the forum is so different because when I first joined there were people who have since moved on and are taking on other challenges.  They are doing well for themselves, Julia, Tiffany, SonRisa, Marlena, and so many more have huge YouTube followings, others are running their own blogs, forums, etc.  They are twittering from Fashion Week, traveling the world and taking their passion to higher levels. 
I read about Miss Couture Sister's new job at Sephora and was moved.  I won't post her story, but it's amazing how courageous some people are in following their dream and it inspired me to think about how I need to start believing in my dreams and live them rather than chase them.  I have to live and believe in me and I want to thank Couture Sister and Congratulate her on her new job!  You deserve it, and this is just the beginning of an abundance of opportunties to come.  The road to a journey starts at the first step, remember that when you feel discouraged, and I'm hoping you will continue to reach for all your goals and dreams.
Here's to you!


couturesista said...

Tears are running down my cheek as I read this. Thank You! I too must be honest, I was very insecure about chasing my dreams, but people like you who gave encouraging words from the heart truly inspired me to do what I did. When I go to work I have to tell myself, "this is what u luv, and u luv what u know about it". My new coworkers are amazing and I'm learning sooo much from them and I'm not afraid to tell them, "I'm a sponge and I want to soak up as much as I can".What ever it is that u want to do, do it, the world is full of should've, could've, would've and I was tired of being one of them. Keep writing your blog and doing ur thang, we hear ya'! Thank You for this : )

The Beauty Thesis said...

You inspire me gorgeous. I really look at what you've done and cry myself xx