Saturday, September 5, 2009

Storing Eyeshadows...

Hello Beautiful Ones,
I had one heck of a Friday.  I got a lot done, I shook off yesterday, I thought but I decided to voyage to the local CCO.  I grab the pup, the bag, keys and set sail.  If you didn't know this about me, I happen to be a hard a$$ on the outside and it's true, the tougher the shell the sweeter the filling.  Traffic was crazy, and a couple times I did have to mash the brakes and check the pup, but sure enough, someone behind me was rear ended and so was another car.  The car in the middle attempted to flee, and then failed and I saw him get out.  Scared the p*ss out of me, and judging from his car, he had to have been in shock.  He wasn't just rear ended he was side swiped as well.  Why did he want to leave??? My imagination went in to overdrive, then all the thoughts occurred, should I have stayed?  I didn't see anything, but gee the guys were hit, what to do?  Then the...I wonder if he's in trouble and wanted to leave but realised his license number was probably written down.  Why?  I do this to myself all the time.  My brain never stops.  I can't remember the drive to the CCO, I was just praying to God for mercy.  I had a feeling something would happen, and of course, another one.  I kept thanking God for it not being me, but feeling guilty about it.  It's Friday, no one should be subject to this sort of weekend start.
Ah well, didn't do much damage at the CCO, the Golden Gate Bridge was closed so I decided it was best to trek home and call it a day.  Got a lot of my chores done, but am working on organising my makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories and fragrances for fall season. 
I know some people have difficulty organising their large shadows.  I order these from Ni'xie and they hold ULTA, MUFE, and Stila eyeshadows quite well.
I took a bit of time organising my small sized shadows, and though the pictures don't tell I put the color category on the sticker, so my browns are coordinated and labeled and so on with all the colors.  It's not a clear lid, but this helps and I got the container at one of those dollar type stores.  I know a lot of people prefer using blank CD cases, but I have not had good luck with those, and if I'm honest, I need some sort of order as I get really strange about my organisation set up.  I hate to say it's OCD since so many people suffer horribly, but I do admit to having unhealthy obsession about storing my makeup and so forth.
Thank you for reading, this is my place to be superficial.  Until then ...

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