Sunday, September 27, 2009

Victoria's Secret wants you!

Victoria's Secret is holding a casting call for new models to shimmy down the runway.  I meet zero requirements since I'm too short, too old, too curvy, too much junk in the trunk, etc.  But I really would think there is someone who can submit their application if not attend in person.
We all have dreams, and for me, I've never thought about modeling, but love clothes, makeup, hair and all the things which go on in the industry.
I have a love hate with Victoria's Secret.  I went to the store on Saturday, just to check out some of the makeup and the sales assistants were beyond rude, they were confusing.  I guess I'm from the old school because I don't get the ear/headset technology.  I know many stores use it.  But, whilst talking to the sales assistant I was confused since she was listening to the voice in her ear, speaking to them and answering me.  It got too "busy" to interact.  It was like the person we all have had on the phone who is talking to you and a person there and you say, "Call me back" and they assure you they are talking to you?  Beyond annoying and this happened three different times.  Can't they have the sales assistants with the walkie talkie not trying to do sales as well as interact with the voice in their ear?  It isn't just confusing, it's annoying and rude.  I could hear them discussing a potential shoplifter whilst trying to get me in a bra.  What the heck is that?  Deal with the shoplifter or size me, but I'm not about to have you get me naked and tackle your five finger friend in concert?  Seriously, who is the person who decides the store's layout.  You can't multitask successfully when a good sell takes eye contact, rapport and listening to what the customer conveys.
That said, who wouldn't love to be treated like an angel if only for one day?  You can go to Glamour for more details.  If anyone gives it a go, let me know and I'll be sure to vote for ya ;)

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