Thursday, September 3, 2009

Celebrities are People Too!

I think it's so cruel that when a celebrity is photographed looking like humans, the media starts to slag.  Whilst writing about something else, it struck me quite hard how the media dictates what's in/out, hot/not, thin/fat, and they constantly go after women.  Don't get me wrong, men have it bad in the glossies but no where nearly as harsh as women.  Not to menton women internalize things a bit more deeply as we have more female hormones obviously.  I read about Eva Mendes at Mail Online and was so angry at the hypocrisy.  The writer alludes to her having "puffy eyes on the red carpet" due to a night out.   Granted Eva does not look her best, but that's only because of what we see in the press.  Photoshop, hair, makeup, all play a part in the final result of what we see.  Does this reflect what is real?  Maybe, then again, maybe not.  If we are to concur with said article, it's less attractive to have heavy lids which may be a result of allergies, crying, heredity, or aging.  In addition, we should all be making appointments to have Botox, cosmetic fillers or some sort of plastic surgery to make us look like we have no flaws.  After all, a we look to celebrities to make us feel inadequate; therefore, if they have a bad day, they shall be blasted and assumed to have partied, boozed it up and kicked it until the wee hours, right?  Wrong!  If we saw more celebrities in their "real" state, maybe we wouldn't feel so pressured into feeling inadequate. 
Everyone in the world can't be the prettiest, and that doesn't mean I want to see people with hairy armpits, dirty teeth and nails, but maybe allow people to just be "normal." 
After all, how many of us really believe Demi Moore never once went under the knife?  It's all genetics and she doesn't work out at all.  Rrrright...I remember reading about that when she was promoting Charlie's Angels.  She was just being a busy mom and moving furniture and that's how she had those guns and svelte figure. 

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