Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Deals!

I went to Ross today on the quest for a winter wrap to wear in the office since today was the close of summer here in the USA.  I saw a few cool shoes, but passed on them since they weren't anything over the top.  For me, that means, it has to be incredibly different than what I already own, and my black pumps are morphing into the same look right about now.  I cannot believe I found the most pigmented eyeshadow palette for less than $3.00 USD!  It's so yummy I can't wait to play in it.  For some odd reason, it's easier for me to "pop the cherry" of cheap products rather than the upper or high end products.  It's like wearing your new school clothes before school.  I'm twisted, but it's just me and I accept that I have no rhyme for that reason.  Behold:
Zee price:
Check out the pigmentation:

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Lacy Bunny said...

Great swatches!!

Are you from Sacramento?? This will be my first halloween living in Sacramento. I just recently visited Evangelines. It was awesome!! So no, none of my costumes are from there, but I definitely enjoyed that place!