Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thin Truly Isn't In....Oh Victoria...

Hmm...I finally know the reality of bitter sweet.  I saw an advertisement for Mrs. Beckham's line of shoes and fell head over foot in love with the styles. They have the elegance, class, design and height I love so much.  They sell them in the U.K. as ASOS as well as all things to be a fab fashionista.  BUT...seeing the photos of Victoria really trouble me.  She's dreadfully thin and she's wasting away pound by pound and I can't say's I blame her. 
I struggle with my appearance and weight as do many women as well as men.  But eating disorders don't just threaten your life, they destroy it.  The food obsession becomes so strong, one can't stop and the more you resist, the stronger the desire to "control" the "diet" becomes.  Victoria, a self professed, control freak has all the makings of an eating disorder waiting to happen.  Sure, she's always been thin; however, when I first saw her, she was a bit heavier and had such a lovely look about her.  Eating disorders are so confusing because you strive to be thin like the super models and celebrities, but then the addiction kicks in and you've lost control of the ability to discern between wear the diet stops and the eating disorder takes over.  Sadly, there is nothing one can do to merely suggest a person "stop dieting" as her vision has distorted and she's not as "thin" as others say, she just wants to lose a "few" more pounds, and believes that cutting back (out) food will help "tone up" and you can clearly see her skin is falling off her frame due to muscle atrophy.  What's more, it's causing her to look older and she's such a lovely girl.  It truly saddens me when celebrities, or anyone, thinks they must be a certain size to be beautiful.  Unfortunately, it seems as if they all go through it at some point in their careers and shrug it off to "I've been working out with a trainer."  That's become as laughable as the "We're just friends..."
We can only hope that she's able to get the help she needs.  If anyone can beat this she can, and if you or anyone you know has gone a wee bit too far in their diet, there is help and there is hope.  I really like for people who are dealing with a friend, family member or want help from an eating disorder.  You can contact me as well. 

p.s.  The shoes were fierce aren't they? :)


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