Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unicorn found a Pot of Gold

I cannot believe I let MAC dupe me not once, but twice! I fell in love...maybe lust, but I do still love the theory when I look at it.  I saw "Beauty Marked" and thought I heard angels sing.  It is like no other color I have and I have a lot of shadows.  If my shadows were all turned to cocaine, there would be enough to last every addict and their mom until the second coming.  I loved the sparkles, and the incomparable pinot noir shade of burgandy with silver reflects against the black backdrop.
Unfortunately, the color is black.  Not even a good black, a slate black.  No burgundy, not even a tinge of purple, or plum.  I thought I got a bad batch; so, I went and purchased another. Same thing again.  So, I bought bases in: black, purple, burgundy, pink, silver, white, et al in order to find the "right" combination to make it work.  Bullocks!  I am not paying that sort of quid for something I have to "tweak."
I have been looking for a color to match the infamous Beauty Marked for a long time and I finally found it.  I was at the Galleria one day, perusing the cosmetics and fragrances, when I saw the Bare Minerals Boutique and a lovely sales assistant/makeup artist named "Jessie."  He was so divine.  I saw him and could not resist playing with his pigments.  I was always a bit intimidated to go into the actual boutique, as all of the lids are away and it's wall to wall open jars of pigments.  I keep imagining someone sneezing or a big wind, and it makes me uncomfortable.  Much like when I was a wee girl and mum would say, "Don't touch!" anytime I looked at items in the store.  Flashbacks!
Roll tape, and I see a color that looks like my coveted Beauty Marked and I asked to have it immediately upon swatching it.  It was my Beauty Marked!  All this time, and money spent trying to fix her and she was waiting for me to find her.  Then it happened, he told me it was out of stock and gave me a hint of a sample.  I didn't even use it because I was afraid I would never have it.  Scarcity factor in full effect.  He gave me his card, took my name and number and promised to call me when it came in.  So, I immediately called every store which carries Bare Minerals in the state of California.  Well in my region and fifty miles surrounding.  Nothing!  Well, I found it at their sight and it was in stock and it was everything for me to not purchase two.  When something is that hard to find, there's usually a reason, and discontinued was all that I could think of.  But, I only got one, and I'm loving it. 
This is a swatch without base also.  I used the "sample" and took what was on the finger above and swatched her on my arm.  Love at first sight!  I can use this in so many ways, this is something I can't believe anyone hasn't been enamoured with.  Well, considering how hard to find it is, I understand, but I'm not in the "scene" of beauty writers, bloggers, reviewers, editors and hadn't heard about it.  Oh well, it's our secret *wink*

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couturesista said...

Girl, Beauty Marked fooled me too! lol