Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Addiction!

Confession time!
I have read somewhere that when you give up one addiction you pick up another.  You know those people who quit smoking but start chewing gum or eating M&Ms uncontrollably?  That's sort of my life.  I pick up hobbies like Angelina Jolie adopts kids.  As soon as I settle into one, I pick up another.  Let's see, I make hair bows, customise my clothes, and shoes, obsess over hair styles, makeup, drawing, crafts and ... nail varnish.  I fell off the wagon.  I had stopped collecting polishes and kept my toes done and clear on my hands, but I've been bit!  I hauled all of those at the right in one sitting.  But, they were on sale!  A store called Long's has to clear out, so their loss=my gain.  That's the only thing that's been opportunistic of me.  The stores are shutting down in this town left and right.  I see people holding signs about liquidations on every other corner, and while it used to depress me, now I find myself with a "What can I gain from this?" attitude.  I'm taking notes of things I've been meaning to buy but haven't gotten to yet and I've almost sealed a deal on a chest of drawers :)

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