Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stila loves Barbie

And I love Stila and Barbie right now!  I called and drove all over town to get these babies and I am tired, hungry, hot a little irritated and yet I got my goods!
The pictures are not doing these justice; however, it's almost 10 pm and there is no light to be found other than the fluorescent in my cave.
I will do swatches tomorrow morning when I rise or pack them and take a few shots at lunch.  The reason I don't bother is there is no request and I don't feel the need to swatch for phantoms.  I guess it's reminiscent of the time I held a giveaway and no one responded so I sold the makeup.  I don't want to set myself up to fail again, so I keep this small and if I find I have these in duplicates, I will give them as gifts.  I did touch the items and play with them at ULTA and the smudgepots can be applied sheer or buildable.  So, if you want the color you see, use an angle brush and dip and drag if you wish.
As for the eyeshadows, they are so incredible pigmented.  They are more pigmented than any shadow I have owned with an honorable mention given to TIGI palettes I spoke of some time ago.

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