Friday, September 25, 2009

Jimmy Choo For H&M

Christmas comes early for some this year.  November 14th is the date Jimmy Choo will release the H&M exclusive.  This is another high end designer does mainstream budget collaboration much like Issey M. did for Target many years ago.
I was following up on the WWD regarding the rumours of Jimmy Choo creating a line for H&M.  Well, I didn't have a press pass so I am forced to read bits and bobs like FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.  I intially though H&M would sell the shoes, but *nearly* the cost of the original line.  However, the designer is creating a line of shoes targeted for us who don't have the funds of our high end fashion lovers.
Remember, it's not about the brand name, it's the quality of the shoe as well as how you make your style work for you.  Don't waste time fawning over something you will wear one season but costs the amount of one month's pay.  Fashion is fickle and style is individual, we can't all afford to spend a few grand on a beautiful pair of shoes, jeans etc. Unless you are attending a premiere, or a brand is sponsoring you (which they do for many celebs) don't compare where you are to where you want to be.  To be honest, I've seen some of the shoes, and they aren't that impressive.
These are okay
These may work for some...
but my point is, you can find some really smart deals at places such as: Marshall's, Ross, Nordstrom Rack and Target which are made with good materials, have quaility craftsmanship and won't have you eating Ramen noodles until the next payday. 
Of course we love our Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins, Prada and more, but designers are not catering to Jane Q. Citizen when they think of their next season's shoe.  You are hard pressed to find Citizen Jane on the runway sporting Manolo's, it's not going to happen.  Maybe on Oprah, Ellen, or Tyra when they do makeovers, but on the runway?  No.
I am happy designers are looking to appeal to a greater audience, but make sure the quality of the product is worth the investment.  You can always find something classic on clearance made well, but if you want a shoe that looks like a cheap version of an orginal, your feet may pay the price.



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