Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have such mixed views on today's post.  I am sitting here and really thinking about blogging and it's funny that last evening I was watching someone promote their blog and the word alone sounds disgusting.  But, I was thinking, this person follows zero bloggers, has nearly 150,000 video subscribers, follows zero Twitterers and responds to....wait for comments.  Makes sense, her job is to earn a living via social networking and it is a lot of work gaining, maintaining and evolving with such a high status on the web.
So, I thought about my purpose.  I don't know what it is, so I stumbled upon a lovely videographer on ...YouTube (trying to quit the addiction) and she's amazing.
So, unfortunately, I am not using my own material to engage the few followers I have.  But, only part of my purposed for blogging is having followers, I am never going to be "that Blog" and thank the good Lord for that, but I do love the opportunity to learn and read other blogs.  They are so personal and I learn more there and at MUA than I do on any other forum. 
Shira J. is so cool!  I have such a love for her channel, though she's in dispose with her "baby daddy" right now.  Why?  She makes me think, makes me laugh, gets me to not take myself so serious and I wish I were more like her.  Without sounding stalkerish, I wish I had a friend like her I could interact with. I have always been a free thinker and love dialogue from people of all backgrounds.  My greatest compliment was when and Aryan (sp) Brother told me he would be seen at the mall with me.  He is who he is, but a black girl who took an interest in why he chose to be in the brotherhood and listened to his view whilst not judging him.  He's quite smart, and I did learn something from him whether I agreed with him or not.
Right, Shira J.  She is the person I aim to be in terms of self confidence, esteem and the ability to not care what people think.  Sure, I say I don't care about others' opinion of me, but that's rubbish.  In my brain it hurts when people are mean spirited, judgmental, and say hurtful things to or about me.  Shira has been there and done that, but she wants to help others.  So many people are doing things under the guise of "helping others" but there is a "what's in it for me after taste."  I respect the ones who admit it.  I want more viewers so I can be a partner and have some recognition and maybe money or perks in the process.  Or, I want to get a makeup line, be sponsored, get free stuff et. al.  Shira doesn't do that.  In addition, she addresses so many topics of interest, I don't know how she stays focused (at times she doesn't) but you can clearly see she is having fun, yet very passionate about people. 
Her channel has something for everyone.  I thought of Susan Powter when I watched her because Susan's blog talk radio personality is similar.  Susan is about not being stupid and Shira is about "Get Smart."  Her channel is about: spirituality, beauty, hair, nails, style, relationships, careers, education, dating, family, self esteem, race, gender, disabilities, and more.  She doesn't have a "studio" with high tech cameras, lighting, editing and so on.  She turns the camera on and the fun begins.  SugarFreeTV is an acquired taste.  You do have to have an openmind.  I included the clip I watched a few times.  She will ask the questions, and answer them, and the questions you think she won't (Shira, my hair doesn't grow, I have a nub, I don't have your hair texture) she has your back and will address it.  It's as if she's reading your mind.  What's more, she enjoys herself and it comes across and if the world were more sugar free we wouldn't have soldiers in other countries fighting but I digress. Get smart! :)


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