Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn that Frown Upside Down

The things you can stumble upon in the drugstore.  I am doing my best to go the all natural route when it comes to aging, but I don't mind being superficial to feel and look better as long as one doesn't go overboard.  I will say I will leave it to people who don't know me to offer criticism on my appearance.  For instance, I am a self declared forum addict.  Sometimes, if the person posting an image is well liked, people don't feel comfortable critiquing said person.  Well, I get that, but what good are you serving other than hosting your own fear?
So why don't I chime in?  That the fastest way to have ALL of the e-thugs call you a: hater, troll, rude, obnoxious, jealous, and so on.  So, I just learn from other's mistakes and it helps me in that, I learn from the plethora of knowledge and b) no one is cyber bullying me or digging up anything they can to try and humiliate me in the spirit of defending their eharmony.  I fear if I begin cosmetic procedures, I won't know when to stop.  I have been researching and these people know their ish.  They can tell you how many cc's for saline, how many vials for fillers and how much botox can get you in a financial pinch if you want to be wrinkle free.  Some have had their nose, breasts and liposuction all in the same day!  I am impressed!  But, for now, I'm going the safe route and try as long as I can working with what I have.  *Yay me* 
The new CVS by my house just arrived and they have so many clearance deals I can hardly pass up on.  I am learning to scale back on buying for the sake of a "deal."  Seriously, it's the whole MAC cosmetics style of marketing.  You launch a product with the term "limited" and it produces the scarcity principle.  "Oh my gosh, if I don't buy this, there will never be another chance and everyone will have it but me and I need to have this!!!"  So, you all run out and buy the products en masse (Volcanic Ash Exfoliator) and the one's who don't get it get bit by the "I have to have this now, because I keep hearing how great it is and now I want it even more!!!"  When in reality there are two givens in life:  The Rolling Stones on Tour, and MAC's LE edition (whatever the product) will be reincarnated at another time under a new name at worst with a nano slight shade.
So I got these Frownie's I had heard about and thought I would give them a good go.  I know I tend to make faces whilst watching or reading (squint) but at night?  I have no idea what goes on then so...yeah.
I got the small, match box sized box which looks rather vintage in style.  Heck, it's Frownie's it is vintage, we have Botox and La Mer as we hit 2010.  You tear off the construction paper like sheets which have the sticky side (think envelope/stamp circa 1990s) and dampen it.  Stretch the area with the furrow as if you are smoothing it and quickly apply the damp sticky side to it and leave it there for at least three hours once or twice a day for maximum results.  I haven't stuck to this, but the concept and reviews are good.  The paper feels quite uncomfortable and the edges are sharp.  I'd like this more if it weren't such a coarse sheet, seriously you can hurt yourself with the corners.  The sheet will stay put overnight and I think given a strict regimen this would work.  I won't say it will remove wrinkles, but you will be training your muscles to not make the expressions which create lines. 
Do remember, smiling is so much better for you than trying to avoid wrinkles, so take this for what it's worth, if you come across it, give it a go for a few nights a week.  Let me know what you do for your skin.


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