Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grant me the Serenity

To accept the things I cannot change and the money to accept the things I can.  I accept that I am a makeup addict.
I am going to have a big birthday next month.  It will be a year of blogging, and will mark that I can be consistent with at least one hobby and I am so proud of myself.  I am thinking about being consistent in something for the forthcoming year as well.  It's all about me, since I have to live with me, all my flaws, mistakes, etc. are constant reminders that I am not perfect.
So, with my acceptance, I am admitting I am obsessed with yet another palette.  The thing is, I already have a great version of said palette. See that photo?  I have the six eyeshadow palette and individuals (large) of the other six shadows, plus six more in different colors, 12 pigments, and over half a dozen mattes.  I cannot remember the last time I used this palette or any of the other items from Ben Nye.  Not because the products aren't good.  They are stellar, this is a line established for theatre and clown makeup.  It's amazing!  The pigmentation is great, payoff is amazing and I don't compare it to any other brand per se; however it's a great palette for darker toned women.  It sucks that I have to categorize women, but there aren't many products which chocolate girls can rock without layering products.
I am tempted though...I have received e-mail from Beauties-Factory I had ordered the Manly palette some time ago, so the seller still sends me sales and product information.  I mean they have all my addictions in one place: nails, eyelashes, makeup brushes, eye shadows, rouges, hair!  What's a girl to do?
Admit she is an addict!
So, for $29.99 (I got a deal) this bad boy is en route to my home, to have a cozy space made for it next to it's other orphaned family of pretty colors.  Sometimes, it's okay to give in to temptation.  I will now, seek assistance, the final step in admitting I need intervention.

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