Monday, September 7, 2009

Make it Work!

Hello Friends,
I have been guilty of lying on the street for lack of  a better term.  I'm the type who cannot accept compliments at all.  I own up to it, and fully admit it; however today I'm giving 100% truth.  The outfits I wear are never really planned out nor do I spend time on them.  I am inherently lazy to the nth degree.  I cannot stand getting up to iron; although adding simple touches like ironing, hemming, fixing loose buttons can made a piece go from drab to fab, I don't do it.  I don't spend a lot of money on clothes; however, I do have loads of pieces which are classics as well as some "throwaways."  My throwaways are clothes I purchase from F21 and don't expect them to last me long or may be considered "trendy."  For lack of a better word, they were inexpensive and not made the best in terms of quality; however, they are fun and you can have fun with clothes on clearance racks.
I digress.  So, at work people make statements about my clothes or whatever, and I lie and say I got them really cheap or they are hand me downed from someone, or I got them at Ross.  I do shop at Ross, but I get creative with clothes and will do something ridiculous like wear a brown maxi dress with dayglo orange heels.
The scary thing is, I didn't plan this outfit, I grabbed the dress because I was running late and didn't have the time to iron, and the shoes?  Well, I can't account for that, but it worked.  I got great compliments and to be honest, I was embarrassed once I arrived at work sitting there looking down at the clown shoes which looked like rejects from a WHAM! video.  Oh well, here's to making it work, wear what you wear and don't care and the attitude will give you the confidence to carry it off.  It's not just _______ who can "get away with it" you can too, if you believe it!


Tali said...

I love those shoes. Against your coloring they really pop and look lush! And they work with that dress really well!!

The Beauty Thesis said...

Thanks Gorgeous!