Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspiration FOTD

I am finally figuring out this camera and it's quite fun.  I see why they call it cam whoring.  You have to take so many photos in order to get a good few.  Especially, if you are taking it of yourself, that's double duty.  Well, this model has been very inspirational to me for a good long while and in the spirit of alternative looks on the runway and trends for A/W 2009, I wanted to replicate someone, but I was lazy.  This is just before bed and it's one product.  Black lipstick from Jordana for .99 (no cent key) at the drugstore.  My skin is dry, my brows aren't done and I could really use some mascara, but hey, it's a simple look.  Lazy girl guide to making runway to everyday.  No! I actually lied, as I would not wear this look even to a club.  It's actually boring, but the model is just lovely, and whilst some people are good at mimicking Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, or whatever celebrity is in, it only serves harm for me to do so.  I may get a glass of wine and get to feeling myself and have a go, but ....right now?  Not a good idea, I can't be responsible for making anyone's eyes bleed :) I need to learn Photoshop or some editing program, and work on my skin :/



Tali said...

I like black lips but it takes me forever to wash them off!!
Also i like to be a bit of a shit and kiss someone on the cheek hehehe so they have a nice big lipprint :)

The Beauty Thesis said...

Exactly meow xxx