Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Hair Trailer!

Hello Beauties,
Hope you had a great Saturday evening and Sunday is going to be filled with fun, pampering and preparing for the week ahead.
I was apprehensive to discuss this upcoming movie since the web has been buzzing about it in anticipation of its release. Well, after speaking with my girlfriend a few nights back about my hair woes and Tyra's challenge for "Natural Hair Day" I mentioned the Chris Rock documentary and she had no clue. Which was good for me, not everyone is a slave to the internet.
I am going to join Tyra, and figure out some way to wear my hair au naturel. I will use natural products and not color it until that day.
Here is what I'm working with. Note: I am wearing a hair tie and this is it natural, no product, no heat, no nothing. I will look a hot mess, but I love a challenge.
So...I don't know how or what I'll do as I am vain about my hair, admittedly. My partner will have to sign a contract, (no tugging, no pulling, no fussing about my product obsession, etc.) I care less about a prenup, but my hair? Too much money, time, and work and hopefully this film will enlighten me and help me to remember that I am not my hair. Who's with me? Can you let go of your hair obsession?

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