Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Autumn/Winter 2009 Fab Forties!

Beginning of the week...but alas, I am seriously looking forward to Fall. I saw one of my fave stores which opens once a year is getting prepared. It's a costume store and comes around for Halloween around mid to late August, and closes the first weekend in November. How do I know? I stock up on lashes, makeup, and other interesting apparel cos they mark it down significantly that final weekend prior to closing.
I looked for a wig this weekend that resembles the forties era, Dorothy Dandrige please. I saw a few, but will have to go back because wigs are serious business and I want to do some more research even though this wouldn't be for daily wear.
I'm trying to find more black women from that time, and how they rocked the dark vampy lips and other than finger waves, what did they do? The clothes are fierce! Pencil skirts, high heeled Mary Janes or peeped toe pumps and a nice blouse, you can customize that for work or play. Red lips have always intimidated me, but I tried it. I think it's Dita's signature:

But I was always inspired by Ms. Lauren Hill's ability to pull of bold lips before it was trendy and she embraced full lips before Angie made it "cool."

So I gave it a try with the OCC liptar in NSFW I got some month's back:

Hmm...I think I prefer a deeper, brick red on me personally, but if I mix this with "Tarred" it will be brilliant. What are you looking forward to this fall?


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