Sunday, August 9, 2009

Teen Choice Awards

Are you going to watch? I doubt I will but WOW @ Kimmy! I am not quite a Stan for her, but what a way to wash that man out of your hair. It's not a wig either! She pulled that prank last year and it was a hot mess, but this is nice, but er uh....I'm not feeling it. I know, I know, Kim Kardashian can shave her head and she'd have game like Kobe during the NBA finals on a bad day, but seriously, does Los Angeles need another blond?
In other news, Kristen really did cut and darken her hair for The Runaways movie? Wow, way to channel your inner Joan Jet. I think she's quite perfect for the part actually, not that she's a bad Bella, but her and R. Pattz kind of ruined the books for me. You know how you visualize the characters in your mind whilst reading? Well, that's not what I came up with, not even close. Ah well...still a fun saga.

Do you think the "are they or aren't they" is what keeps this series going? I know a day doesn't go by where they aren't hooking up or breaking up according to the glossies. The bottom line isn't that I care, it's the insult to my intelligence that you are "just friends" because I can do a roll call of celeb couples who were "just friends" and now, *coughBrad/Angelinaplussixcough,cough* are together. It gets old after awhile, but hey, it's their life and I am thrilled the pretty vampire chose his real life Bella. She's not the typical "Hollywood Beauty" as she is a bit of a tomboy, likes Hazel, and doesn't seem to care about being photographed with Paris Hilton. It's cool to see a guy could actually be attracted to the simple beauties.
Lucky girl, she gets the vampire, and the wolf....Team Jacob FTW right here! This youngster is going to be Platinum status if he keeps his head and body clean. I am pulling for him to get to 21 sans rehab, baby mama drama and the likes.

Taylor Lautner is a cutie, but since he's not eighteen, I think I need to end this and get ready for work in the morning. Ciao for now beautiful ones!

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