Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gossip Girl, I know I love it!

I am really impressed with the way the CB amps up the season for it's shows. I really must confess to having an addiction to the whole lot of them. Yes, Gossip Girls is one, but America's Next Top Model, The Supernatural, 90210, Melrose, et al. I love the ads with WTF? My mind goes straight to ....ah ya, there. But they incorporated Watch This Fall and it starts September 14th. I don't know why I love this show, I'm nothing like any of the characters but I find myself consumed with not only the storyline, but the clothes, the makeup and the hairstyles. Blair rocked a wicked red lip last year and I still haven't figured out a dupe.
This photo signifies everything this couple represents, dark, dirty and mysterious:

Lest we not forget this year Jenny Humphrey will be back at Constance and will be the reigning queen. I have a feeling she will make Blair look shy. She's been having fun during her off time, she had a lot of press about her partying ways in People magazine and the clothes she wears are trendy rocker meets chic style. Observe the hair:

I read on there was a casting call for Vanessa's mum. Hmm...this should be interesting. Jessica Szohr is rumoured to be dating our love-to-hate Chuck Bass (Mother Chucker)in real life. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, so good luck finding someone to fill the role.

I can't wait to see what's in store for them now that they are in college. Will this be the end of Chuck and Blair (Chair)? Will Serena have enough of Blair's jealousy? What do you think about Rufus and Lilly? We know we love it!


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