Monday, August 31, 2009

Because she's worth it!

Cheryl Cole has landed a new gig working as a spokesperson for L'Oreal UK and her first product? Elvive Full Restore 5, and sales should be a hit because the girl has an amazing mane on her, not to mention how beautiful she is.

I'm not the type to hate on a girl who's got it going on for herself, h*ll sign me up for your next "How to seminar..." She has a gorgeous husband, she's young, and it all started when she auditioned for Pop stars: The Rivals, and became one of the Girls Aloud who are quite big across the pond. (May have changed since I came to the USA) She is also one of the judges on the X factor, a show quite similar to American Idol here in North America. What's more, she has, along with band mates, launched their own line of false lashes.

I love her smile, those dimples just make her so sweet looking. She could be the world's biggest b*tch and she could smile and make you forget she just cut your throat. Ah well, not all of us are supposed to be blessed with a footballer husband, singing career, panelist, spokes model, etc. I am sort of glad she beat out Megan Fox as the world's sexiest according to FHM magazine.

In other news, Amber Rose hasn't met a camera she doesn't like has she. She hosted a party at Tao in Las Vegas, and though all eyes may have been on her, what's up with her eyes? Come on Amber, you are built like a sh*t brick house, you have such a slammin body it doesn't matter that your boyfriends hair is longer than yours, nor that you color it blue, green, pink or whatever you feel, but must you take what you have been blessed with and sod it to h*ll? Seriously, I guess when you have it like that, it's easy to forget how hard she does NOT have to work to look good. I do admit I like the lipstick. It reminds me of Gladiola (Dame Edna) or Girl About Town from MAC.

To add insult to injury, the video dancer turned fashion model has secured a deal with Ford models. Wow! Not that she isn't pretty, but I recall a time when you couldn't get an appt. with Ford unless you were a five foot ten inch tall 108 lb 14 year old girl who was "discovered" in an orphanage whilst doing dishes. The pear shapes were not something Ford was looking to showcase on any runways. Go Amber! Is anyone else impressed with how no matter how bizarre, skimpy or nude she is, she looks good in pictures? I guess I'm odd in that, jet setting and partying as much as she and Mr. West seem to do would have me looking a hot mess and the only photos of me online would be under the caption: What not to Wear!

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