Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beverly Knight to Launch Own Cosmetics Line

Hello Gorgeous!!!
I am really excited for British soul songstress Beverly Knight's decision to give it a go and take on the cosmetics industry. Due to frustrations with the limitation in foundations for darker skinned women, she took the problems into her own hands and thus became her signature line. Her line launches into Selfridges on September 17 followed by other retailers and online from October. She told Hello! magazine, “There’s always been a schism in the cosmetics industry when it comes to meeting the needs of darker skinned women,” she said.

“If you were black, your choice was Bobbi Brown, MAC or Iman - and even that’s almost impossible to get hold of now. You’d end up having to mix up your own from what’s out there or having to go to companies who do custom-made make-up. Whichever way you do it, it’s expensive. So you make do.”

“As a black woman, you feel like you’re outside of the beauty loop,” Beverley continued. “Before Naomi Campbell, the only black models were very light-skinned so you never felt part of it.”

Hopefully her line will be a huge success and we in the US will be able to try it out for ourselves. Granted, Sephora has made enough room on their shelves for other "new" lines, so maybe ULTA would be willing to give it a go. The industry is so saturated but I am really *taps wood* hoping this line is well received.

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Liparazzi said...

That's fantastic news, everyone should be catered for nowadays so it's about time the beauty industry sorted it out! Great post x

The Beauty Thesis said...

True love but it goes from the palest to darkest, we all struggle xx

Anonymous said...

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