Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twilight Beauty plays Volturi vs. Luna

According to an article in Woman's Wear Daily, Lambus Partners, who are known for lines such as Lola, DuWop, Too Faced and Hard Candy, will be launching two sets of Twilight series cosmetics lines.
Volturi Twilight, aptly named for the ruling vampire clan in "Twilight," and Luna Twilight, which will be featuring moon themes from "Twilight." Volturi, will be available in mid-September at Hot Topic, Torrid and ULTA; however the Luna line, also available mid-September will be exclusive to Dillard's and Nordstrom's stores. Additionally, you can currently find the DuWop lip stain "Twilight Venom" at Sephora for $16.00 USD.





Twilight Luna Lipgloss:

Twilight Body Shimmer:

Twilight Blushing Creme:

Prices for the Volturi line will retail from $9.00 to $19.00 USD and the Luna line will range from $18.00 to $34.00. Good news for those anticipating the New Moon movie, something to add to your "Twilight" memorabilia.

Will you purchase anything? Come on, I won't tell. We all have a secret crush on one of the casts of Twilight.

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