Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New Beginning

Hello Beautiful,
Today is my first day of the rest of my blog. I have changed the name and format to bring about a new birth.
The old style was good and sufficient, but I'm working toward something aimed to cover all areas of beauty. I realize a lot of us are constantly working at our physical (phenotype) appearance and while that is fabulous, I'd like to venture into making us beautiful people as a whole.
What good is our external if we don't accept ourselves internally?
I will still bring all I can about what's in, what's out, as well as the latest makeup collections, fashion trends and beauty tips and tricks, not to mention my lastest obsession nail varnish.
I plan to incorporate more articles dedicated to motivating you all to become the women and men God created you to be. You are a blessing, and I need you to know that even when you don't feel it. I know I struggle from time to time, so today we are going to commit to working together and encouraging each other to live life to the fullest and look good in the process.
Whether we get a product we have been dying to try and find out it's pants (rubbish) or we want to look better naked, this is the place, so grab a cup of coffee, a notepad, and let's get cracking on our Beauty Thesis!

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