Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Splash into your Pigments

Hello Beautiful People,
If you are anything like me, you have enough pigments to fill the Grand Canyon. You have pressed them, foiled them and can't resist logging on to the plethora of mineral makeup lines to purchase more. Fyrinnae anyone?
Can you blame us? The colors are so pretty and the pigments are so versatile. Whether you use them primarily on your eyes, or you are on the creative side and add them to your nail varnish, moisturizer or mix them and create your own, they can be cumbersome at times.
My last trip to ULTA I came across this primer for pigments by LA Splash cosmetics. I have to admit I was not keen on their products for the most part, but I figured I'd give the primer a go at a modest price tag of $3.99 USD.
I am so happy for this find, I tried, was thrilled and went back to purchase a back up. I don't know if this product will last seeing as the market is saturated with new cosmetic lines launched daily, so I had to make sure if these babies were moved over to make space for...I don't know, By Lauren Luke :) I wanted to have another in my arsenal.

With primer:

Without primer:

The Good: This product is inexpensive dries to a clear tacky finish. Think of what it would be like to have double sided tape on your eyes, the product sticks on, but it wants the pigment and it works like a magnet despite the fly paper tackiness. It's inexpensive, and notice the payoff and lack of fallout. I used one light stroke of pigment for each eye.

The Bad: The stickiness feels odd. When you blink you feel like there's tape on your lids and it feels that way until you add pigment. I don't know if that makes it susceptible to creasing; however, I only used this on my lid.

The Result: I could not be more impressed with this product if I made it myself. If I weren't daft with electronics (just look at my photos) I would do a review and post it online; however, I'm still learning so I'll stick with writing.

Beauties, if you have pigments, and want an alternative to foiling your pigments to get a good payoff, this is a definite to try. I used a light color and light application to emphasize the payoff against dark skin. The pigment is a soft silver almost grey, but you can see the difference the primer makes. The next time you are near an ULTA, give this a go on the back of your hand. Let me know how you get on with it.

Cheers darlings!

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