Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dior Jazzclub

Hello Beautiful Ones,
I hate Wednesdays...but I love makeup and I'm really trying to curb my enthusiasm for products, but bloomin h*ll, I go to Nordstrom's and they have this collection entitled, "Jazzclub" on display.
I must admit, I have never been into Christian Dior nor have I owned anything other than a few fragrances by this line *cough, price tag, cough* but I am all about the roaring 20's. I don't know if it's because of the style of dress, the elegance of the women and the mens Zoot suits but despite the depression, everything about that era appeals to me.
Granted, what I know has been via films, books and replicas and not all that shiny is glitter, but hey, a lot of women have expressed an era they wish they had experienced or one they feel suited their style best, and the 70s afros, bell bottoms and music didn't inspire me ever! I know a lot of kittens who can do the 80s Madonna, Flashdance, Neon, leggings, etc, but that era and I = epic fail. So, inspired by Josephine Backer and Dorothy Dandridge, I fell for the 20s and 3os and can rock a pin curl like no ones business. Yes, I bragged, what? I have to have something that I can rock, you all can't just floss and expect me to sit down can you? Don't answer, it's about this:Don't tell me you can't see yourself sporting this lovely number? A clutch inspired palette? Get the fack out of here! Come on now...what's a girl to do! Oh, you aren't the clutch type? That's sweet, they got you, here you go:

A palette with purples, buttery soft and no where near chalky. I understand why so many felines were pawing this little number. I got a swipe in, and it's so pigmented. I only tried the purple, as I try to maintain calm, cool and composed at Nordstrom because they don't play there. I have seen them "escort" women out for getting stupid over those monthly MAC releases and I'm not trying to lose favor with any sales assistance until Friday "cha-ching" so, yep it's on hold for me, and straight away after work, no cocktails, no chat over tea, it's about:
losing my virginity to Monsier Dior. We have a date and I'm going to be Anita Bryant and make sure I am "Giving him the best that I got" which is $25.00 nail varnish, $56.00 for the palette and $65.00 for the clutch, BUT it's my first, and your first time is supposed to be the best, and most memorable, so that dent in my check? I will remember it for 2 weeks to come. No credit cards=no lunches, cocktails, or movies. I guess I should make an account on for a dinner or movie *shrug* Besos!


source: Nordstrom

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